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    The basic cost of the programme is estimated about 40 000 euros/student/year. However, these costs are highly subsidised for the selected students.

    The minimum student participation costs participation (tuition fees, full insurance coverage and any other mandatory costs related to student participation in the course) for the 2-year EPOG+ Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree are:

    • 600 euros / year (tuition fees)
    • 400 euros / year (insurance, except if a student can proove - with an official and explicit letter of his/her insurance - that he/she has already an insurance fulfilling the minimum requirements)

    This minimum participation concerns the students with a personal income below 15000 euros/year (expected scholarships or other personal income during the EPOG+ studies). Note that parent’s support or the use of personal savings are not considered as student’s personal income. These rules are based on the social policy the consortium wants to implement: even if the EPOG programme needs funds to operate, education is primarily considered as a common good that should not be commoditised.

    If the personal income is above 15000 euros/year, a tuition fee waiver has also been established by the EPOG consortium to raise the minimum funding to operate. This fee waiver depends on student’s personal income and situation. This fee waiver may result in higher fees (with a maximum of 9000 euros / year, including insurance for students with Partner-country nationality and 4500 euros/year, including insurance for students with a Programme-country nationality or those who are resident or have carried out their main activity (studies, training or work) for more than a total of 12 months over the last five years (from the application deadline) in a Programme Country).

    For Erasmus Mundus scholarship holders, all participation costs are covered by the scholarship: they represent 4500 euros / year for students receiving an Erasmus Mundus “Programme countries” scholarship and 9000 euros / year for students receiving an Erasmus Mundus “Partner countries” scholarship.

    This is independant from the "Contribution to subsistence costs" (1000 euros/month) and "Contribution to the travel and installation costs" that the Erasmus Mundus scholarship holder will receive anyway, as described on the scholarship page.

    The specific rules for the 1-year EPOG programme are available on a specific page.
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