EPOG+ - Economic POlicies for the Global transition - Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree

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    The EPOG+ consortium

    The EPOG+ consortium is made of:

    PartnersThey are degree award institutions. The joint or multiple degree(s) delivered in the programme depend on the chosen pathway.
    Associated partnersThey are academic or non-academic institutions. According to the associated partners, they can host students during their final semester (Semester 4), contribute to the course / seminar offering, or offer internships. Depending on their Major, specific topic and regional interest, every student will be able to identify an institution in Paris, Europe or on another continent that will help them to develop the most relevant knowledge and skills.

    Pedagogical organisation

    The Director of the EPOG+ programme is David Flacher (University of Technology of Compiègne). He is in charge of the overall coordination of the programme. He is assisted by an administrative coordinator and a pedagogical secretary.

    Each Major has an overall coordinator located in France:

    • Major A - Knowledge, innovation and the digital transition: Pascal Jollivet-Courtois
    • Major B - Macroeconomics, finance and the socioeconomic transition: Philippe Steiner and Dany Lang
    • Major C - Development, sustainable development and the ecological transition: Nathalie Blanc

    They work together with local coordinators of each Major and Minor:

    The EPOG+ ecosystem

    The programme benefits from the activity of two associations:

    Friends of EPOGIt gathers organisations and individuals (such as renowned researchers or practitioners) from both academic and non-academic institutions, willing to support the programme (financial support, ad-hoc participation in seminars, dissemination and promotion, etc.).
    EPOG Students and Alumni Association (EPOG SAA)It is made of the EPOG+ students and alumni, as well as the alumni from the EPOG programme (which has been funded under the Erasmus Mundus programme between 2013 and 2019) and the students and alumni from the "EPOG 2" programme. Its activities include networking with academic and non-academic actors around the world, contributing to the programme (through seminars, mentorship, internship and job proposals, dissemination and promotion...), developing an online social network, organising an annual meeting... The association is also the joint-editor of the "EPOG Policy briefs".

    The "EPOG 2" International Master's programme has been launched in 2018 and is part of the EPOG "family". It includes two options: I) International Macroeconomics, Financial Regulations and Sustainability and II) Development and Sustainability: Policies, States and Corporations. It is coordinated by the University of Paris 13 (France) and involves six additional partners: Université de Paris (France), Berlin School of Economics and Law (Germany), Kingston University (United Kingdom), University of Roma Tre (Italy) and University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa).

    The EPOG 2 programme is independent from the EPOG+ Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree, even though content similarities exist with Major B and Minor C2: for Major B and Minor C2, the content are similar during the first year (in Berlin, Roma and Johannesburg). The structure and content of the second year are different, even tough the programmes are sharing a few courses in Paris. EPOG 2 does not receive funding from the European Commission and is not labelled "Erasmus Mundus".

    Both EPOG+ and EPOG 2 are renewed versions of the EPOG (Economic POlicies in the age of Globalisation). The original EPOG programme has been created in 2013 and funded by the European Commission in the framework of the “Erasmus Mundus Master's Courses” action until 2019. Committed with pluralism in economics, the original EPOG Erasmus Mundus Master's Course (2013-2019) has attracted each year more than 800 applicants coming from more than 100 countries.

    For a brief comparison between EPOG 2 and EPOG+: click here.

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