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    Academic inductionAn academic induction process will be organised at each partner institution. Students will be sent an “induction package” once they have been selected: the enrolment letters, the student agreement and the e-booklet with all necessary information and practical/academic advice.
    Welcome eventA welcome event involving all the students in the local cohort and the staff will be organised at each partner in September. It will include introduction to academic tutors and buddies, local procedures, practical info about the university/courses/exams/deadlines, and a campus orientation visit. Social event (e.g. dinner) will be organised in each institution. Depending on the pathway, academic induction activities may include preparatory classes and course introductions.

    One of the key means to promote a systemic approach to economic policy is to encourage exchanges between students from different Majors and to promote networking. Since, in the first year, students will study at different institutions there will be an “induction month” organised in September of the second year.

    It includes joint activities:
    Intensive French trainingEvery morning.
    Cultural activitiesOne afternoon per week, including visits to famous and less well-known districts of Paris, visits to cultural institutions (e.g. La Gaité Lyrique, Centre Pompidou, Museum of Architecture…), discovery of French gastronomy and some evening cultural event;
    Networking and discussion about career opportunities.In addition to networking among students in the same cohort, graduates from previous EPOG cohorts will be invited to talk to students. They should be able to answer questions about professional opportunities. Students will be introduced to the “EPOG Students and Alumni Association (EPOG SAA)” and “Erasmus Mundus students and Alumni association (EMA)”. They will be introduced also to the Doctoral schools and doctoral studies programme.
    Joint group work/lecturesA set of courses dedicated to the whole cohort will offer a first opportunity to students from different Majors and geographic origins to work together on common issues and to meet academic and/or non-academic actors in various fields.

    Academic tutors and buddy programme

    Academic tutors and buddies (Master's or PhD student) are assigned for each student.

    Academic tutorsAcademic tutors (one from each of the pathway institutions) will help the students to make choices related to the course and possible careers.
    BuddiesThe buddies provide insights into, and understanding of the life, culture and learning environment in the host country. Buddies are a source of support and information on all aspects, from academic to personal. They introduce incoming students to the social and academic life.
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