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    The association

    The EPOG Stu­dents and Alum­ni Asso­ci­a­tion (EPOG SAA) is a non-prof­it organ­i­sa­tion (under the French “1901 law”). It has been cre­at­ed and it is man­aged by EPOG stu­dents and grad­u­ates. Its activties include the edi­tion of the “EPOG Pol­i­cy briefs”, the par­tic­i­pa­tion to the organ­i­sa­tion of EPOG conference…

    Pres­i­dent: Joel Rabi­novich (EPOG 2016)
    Vice-Pres­i­dent: Lud­wig List (EPOG 2015)
    Trea­sur­er: Jef­frey Alt­house (EPOG 2015)
    Sec­re­tary: Ana Car­oli­na Cordil­ha (EPOG 2016) 

    The Eras­mus Mundus Stu­dents and Alum­ni Asso­ci­a­tion (EMA) is an asso­ci­a­tion gath­er­ing more than 9000 stu­dents and alum­ni from any Eras­mus Mundus pro­gramme (only Action 1).

    Estab­lished in 2006 at the ini­tia­tive of the Direc­torate Gen­er­al for Edu­ca­tion and Cul­ture of the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion, EMA is an asso­ci­a­tion dri­ven by its mem­bers. It offers:

    • an inter­na­tion­al pro­fes­sion­al and per­son­al net­work for Eras­mus Mundus stu­dents and graduates;
    • a pro­mo­tion of the Eras­mus pro­gramme, by par­tic­i­pat­ing or organ­is­ing fairs, infor­ma­tion sem­i­nars and pro­mo­tion­al activites worldwide;
    • a chan­nel of com­mu­ni­ca­tion for stu­dents, alum­ni, uni­ver­si­ties and the Euro­pean Com­mis­sion, in par­tic­u­lar through its Pro­gramme Rep­re­sen­ta­tives and Coun­try Representatives.

    EPOG Stu­dents and alum­ni are strong­ly encour­aged to join the asso­ci­a­tion (free of any cost) since their enrolle­ment in the pro­gramme.

    The EPOG policy briefs

    The EPOG “Pol­i­cy briefs” com­prise four pages of pol­i­cy analy­sis and rec­om­men­da­tions on top­i­cal issues, writ­ten in col­lo­qui­al lan­guage. They con­tribute to pub­lic debates world­wide. It is curent­ly issued in Eng­lish. They are dis­sem­i­nat­ed to a wide audi­ence, includ­ing jour­nal­ists, pol­i­cy mak­ers, mem­bers of par­lia­ment and think tanks. 

    16May, 2020The sit­u­a­tion of paid domes­tic work in Latin Amer­i­ca. The case of Argenti­na

    La situación del tra­ba­jo domés­ti­co remu­ner­a­do en
    Améri­ca Lati­na. El caso de Argentin
    Facun­do Lastra
    15Decem­ber, 2020Pol­i­cy respons­es in pan­dem­ic times to deal with the eco­nom­ic cri­sis in Colom­bia, what are the options?Manuela Mahecha AlzatePB#15
    14Octo­ber, 2020Pan­dem­ic: What about the ‘Third World’?Eduar­do TintiPB#14
    10–13June-July, 2020Pol­i­cy Debate — Spe­cial Issue — “Pol­i­cy Mix in the Euro­zone fac­ing Covid-19” (#10 to #13)All files in onePB#10–13
    13June-July, 2020Pol­i­cy Debate — Spe­cial Issue — “Pol­i­cy Mix in the Euro­zone fac­ing Covid-19” - An essay of rejoin­der: search­ing for a con­sen­sus on the new macroeconomicsEmmanuel CarréPB#13
    12June-July, 2020Pol­i­cy Debate — Spe­cial Issue — “Pol­i­cy Mix in the Euro­zone fac­ing Covid-19” - Euro trea­sury, job guar­an­tee and MMT: time for a fis­cal the­o­ry of eco­nom­ic stabilizationDirk EhntsPB#12
    11June-July, 2020Pol­i­cy Debate — Spe­cial Issue — “Pol­i­cy Mix in the Euro­zone fac­ing Covid-19” - Pub­lic debts in times of coronavirusHen­ri SterdyniakPB#11
    10June-July, 2020Pol­i­cy Debate — Spe­cial Issue — “Pol­i­cy Mix in the Euro­zone fac­ing Covid-19” - Advo­cat­ing pub­lic debt for­give­ness by the ECB to build the world to comeBap­tiste BridonneauPB#10
    9June, 2020Pro­tect­ing peo­ple or finance? On the need to free social poli­cies from finan­cial mar­kets dur­ing and after crisesAna Car­oli­na CordilhaPB#9
    8April, 2020The coro­n­avirus pan­dem­ic and the guardians of capitalismLuise Wimm­lerPB#8
    7Feb­ru­ary, 2020The Invest­ment-Prof­it puzzle(s). The good, the bad and the ugly solutionsJoel Rabi­novichPB#7
    6Octo­ber, 2019No-Deal Brex­it: Trick or Treat(y) Uncer­tain­ty and the Future of the UK EconomyLouis Dau­masPB#6
    5Octo­ber, 2019Dol­lar cen­tral­i­ty and Renminbi’s rise: chal­lenges and prospectsTom C. dos SantosPB#5
    4June, 2019Use of wear­ables for health man­age­ment in the aging populationNuoya ChenPB#4
    3April, 2019Increas­ing week­ly work­ing time and its impli­ca­tions for long-term growth: The case of AustriaLud­wig ListPB#3
    2Feb­ru­ary, 2019Roadmaps to tran­si­tion: the case of the Appalachi­an CoalfieldsClara Dal­laire-Forti­erPB#2
    1Novem­ber, 2018The impact of the Fed’s “nor­mal­iza­tion” of mon­e­tary pol­i­cy on Emerg­ing Mar­ket EconomiesJoaõ Pedro Scal­co MacalósPB#1
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