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#214 — Towards “Slow” and “Moderated” Urbanism

21 October 2022  / 11 h 00 min  13 h 00 min  CEST

Abdul Sha­ban, Pro­fes­sor of eco­nom­ics and urban geog­ra­phy, Cen­tre for Pub­lic Pol­i­cy, Habi­tat and Human Devel­op­ment, School of Devel­op­ment Stud­ies, Tata Insti­tute of Social Sci­ences (TISS), Mumbai.

Dis­cus­sants: Sophie Elias-Pin­son­nault (EPOG+, Major C), Ani­ka Muneer (EPOG+, Major B), Rutu­ja Uttar­war (EPOG+, Major A).

For online (live) atten­dance: https://live.epog.eu

For the replay: https://videos.epog.eu

Relat­ed documents

Abdul Sha­ban, Ayona Dat­ta (2019), “Towards ‘Slow’ and ‘Mod­er­at­ed’ Urban­ism”, Eco­nom­ic & Polit­i­cal Week­ly, 54 (48), pp.36–42.
Abdul Sha­ban, Kari­ma Kour­tit, Peter Nijkamp (2020), “India’s Urban Sys­tem: Sus­tain­abil­i­ty and Imbal­anced Growth of Cities”, Sus­tain­abil­i­ty, 12 (7), 2941.
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