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#248 — The Web of Control: reconfigurations and trajectories of intellectual monopoly power in the digital age

24 November 2023  / 14 h 00 min  16 h 15 min  CET

Cecil­ia Rikap, Asso­ciate pro­fes­sor in Eco­nom­ics and Head of Research at the Insti­tute for Inno­va­tion and Pub­lic Pur­pose (IIPP), Uni­ver­si­ty Col­lege Lon­don (UCL).

Dis­cus­sants: Patri­cia Mar­cel­la EVITE (EPOG+, Major B), Alex­ine HERBILLON (EPOG+, Major C), Assel OMAROVA (EPOG+, Major A).

For online (live) atten­dance: https://live.epog.eu

For the replay: https://videos.epog.eu

Relat­ed document(s)

Cecil­ia Rikap (2023), “Cap­i­tal­ism as usu­al — Impli­ca­tions of dig­i­tal intel­lec­tu­al monop­o­lies”, New Left Review, 139, January/February.
Addi­tion­al documents
Cecil­ia Rikap (2023), “Same end by dif­fer­ent means: Google, Ama­zon, Microsoft and Face­book’s strate­gies to dom­i­nate arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence”, Work­ing paper.
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