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#252 — Macrofinancial and ecological sustainability at the same time? GEMMES projects in developing and emerging economies

December 15  / 14 h 00 min  16 h 15 min  CET

Antoine Godin, Head for the devel­op­ment and mon­i­tor­ing of AFD’s pro­gramme on macro­eco­nom­ic mod­el­ing tools for the eco­log­i­cal tran­si­tion, includ­ing the GEMMES mod­el (“Gen­er­al Mon­e­tary and Mul­ti­sec­toral Macro­dy­nam­ics for the Eco­log­i­cal Shift”).

Dis­cus­sants: Gio­van­na DE SOUZA MUSSILI (EPOG+, Major C), Marie JANSSEN (EPOG+, Major B), Gabriel ZAFFARI (EPOG+, Major B).

For online (live) atten­dance: https://live.epog.eu

For the replay: https://videos.epog.eu

Relat­ed document(s)

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Addi­tion­al documents
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Sakir-Devrim Yil­maz, Antoine Godin (2020), “Mod­el­ling Small Open Devel­op­ing Economies in a Finan­cial­ized World: A Stock-Flow Con­sis­tent Pro­to­type Growth Mod­el”, Agence française de développe­ment, June, n°125.
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